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We offer classes in all genres of DANCE!!! 
3 Year Combo (Tap,Ballet & Acro)
4 Year Combo (Tap,Ballet & Acro)
Kinder Combo - Age 5
(Tap,Ballet & Jazz)
Kinder Gymnastics - Age 5 
 All Boys Combo - Age 3-5
(Tap, Jazz & Acro)
Age 6&UP 
Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Gymnastics, Hip Hop,
Musical Theatre Jazz.
Join us for our third year of TBT Glee!!!  Students will Sing and Dance in this fun and exciting class!!! 
Ms. Toni says "Dance is a fun and exciting way to meet new friends.
A Dance education is a great stepping stone for life". 


 Studio Dance Attire Policy
Proper Shoes and Dance Attire must be worn and Hair must be pulled up away from the face for all classes.

Ballet = Leotard and Tights
Jazz/Hip Hop/Tap/Baton = Leotard and Tights,
shorts/skorts and fitted tops
Gymnastics = Leotard and Footless Tights,
shorts/skorts and fitted tops
Boys = shorts and T-shirts

Students cannot learn proper technique if they are not properly dressed. No Jeans or jean shorts of any kind. Students must be able to move their bodies unrestricted. Please remember that these guidelines are for the benefit of your children.
Please Contact us with any questions you may have.

Standard Youth Classes

Preschool Curriculum Ages 3 – 5
This class is for beginner students ages 3 – 5. Students will be introduced to Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Tumbling in an hour long class. We will focus on basic technique, flexibility, listening skills and musicality. This class is an afternoon/evening offering and is not part of the Morning Dance & Arts Program.

Ballet Beginner – Advanced All ages
Proper technique and terminology is a main focus in this class. Ballet sets the foundation for all other dance forms while cultivating Poise, Grace and Self-Discipline. Pointe classes will be offered to advanced students at the teacher’s discretion.

Jazz Beginner – Advanced All ages
Jazz is an upbeat form of dancing that encompasses many styles. The focus of this class will be on flexibility, strengthening and coordination.

Lyrical Beginner – Advanced All ages
This form of dance is a combination of Ballet and Jazz. The main focus of this class will be on the continuity of movement in association with the music.

Tap Beginner – Advanced All ages
Tap is America’s one and only folk dance. Rhythm, Syncopation and timing will be developed in this class. Many different styles of Tap will be emphasized.

Hip Hop Beginner – Advanced All ages
Hip Hop is an expression of pop culture. While freestyle movement is a main part of this style, technique is important.

Musical Theatre Beginner – Advanced 6 and up
Dancers are Actors in many ways. This class will focus more on the acting abilities of the dancer. This is accomplished through pantomime. Music from popular Musicals will be used in this class.

Specialty Classes

Me & My Shadow for Adults with children
age 2 – 3
This class is for children ages 2 and 3 and one of their favorite adults. We will focus on listening skills and musicality in a creative play environment.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered to all students. Private lessons can be taken for the purpose of working on a specific problem area, or to continue learning a specific style. Private lessons guarantee one on one instruction. Please talk with a studio representative regarding scheduling and cost

Solo, Duo, Trio
These are extra classes with a separate cost in which students will learn a special routine to be performed in the recital and other performance venues.

Classes for Organizations
Organizations such as Girl Scouts or Youth Groups can schedule classes to meet their needs.
The Staff at Technique By Toni

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